The 19th century pamphleteer, William Cobbett, wrote that Cheltenham “is a place to which East India plunderers, West India floggers, English tax gorgers, together with gluttonous drinkers and debauchees of all descriptions, female as well as male, resort, at the suggestion of silently laughing quacks, in the hope of getting rid of the bodily consequences of their manifold sins and iniquities.

These days Cheltenham attracts an altogether different crowd as The Times and The Sunday Times Cheltenham Literature Festival takes over Cheltenham each year, saturating the town with authors, poets and the lovers of their work. Beginning on the 2nd of October, over 600 of the world’s finest writers, actors, politicians, poets and leading opinion formers descended on Cheltenham, including notable names such as Nick Frost, Bill Oddie, Terry Wogan, Nigella Lawson and Salman Rushdie.

The Literature, Jazz, Music and Science festivals make up the Cheltenham Festivals collection which, collectively, bring tens of thousands of people to Cheltenham every year and are highlights for visitors – for dates, details and tickets, see – and obviously, for excellent, first class accommodation for your visit to the Festivals, contact us as soon as possible as we book up fast over these dates. Call us on 01242 570988 to check availability and book.